Virtual assistants specialize in tasks from digital marketing, like ours, to advertising to customer support and more. It may seem that a virtual assistant only works for businesses.

However, there are a fair amount of tasks that bloggers can outsource, as well.

Why should a blogger hire a virtual assistant?

To put it simply: so you don’t have to do it all.

Being successful at anything rarely means getting there all by yourself. The smartest entrepreneurs put in a good hustle, play to their strengths, and build a team.

“Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team. It makes all the difference.”

-Alison Pincus, co-founder, One Kings Lane

When you’re ready to grow or you’ve simply run out of time and/or energy, look to a virtual assistant to take on some of the load.

Pitch to Sponsors

Pitching is time consuming. More, if not done well, it leaves your blog ignored and unnoticed.

Really bad pitching even leaves a bad reputation in a brand’s eyes. We’ve all heard the influencer horror stories!

Virtual assistants who are experienced with cold emailing and lead generation research potential sponsors for your blog. Then they craft a personalized pitch and track the relationship in a CRM like Hubspot.

Try working with a virtual assistant for a 1-2 week trial and monitor their outgoing emails and social media outreach. What results have they achieved?

Remember that building relationships with sponsors can take time, so during your trial period focus more on what relationships are being built and less one how many sponsors have decided to work with you.

Edit Your Posts

Writing and editing are oftentimes two very different passions and strengths. You may be adept at getting your ideas out there, but editing is a completely different beast.

Look for a virtual assistant with a strong background as an editor or a proofreader and make sure to go over their portfolio and snippets.

You should enjoy their writing style, as their editing will reflect that.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an art as much as it is a science.

Calling in an expert virtual assistant who specializes in SEO dramatically increases your chances of ramping up your search engine juice and optimizing your posts using the latest best practices.

A virtual assistant who optimizes your blog posts allows you to focus on writing what you love. In the mean time, they tackle the logistics of your post ranking well with search engines.

Grow Your Social Presence

Digital marketers, social media marketers, and social media managers are ideal partners in growing your social presence.

Employing one gives you more time to focus on blogging, building relationships with sponsors, and growing with your community.

Social media managers and marketers will typically handle all aspects of your social media marketing. On the other hand, hiring a digital marketer often also means creating a marketing strategy and using multiple channels to achieve your goals.

When I’m asked what tasks bloggers should hire a virtual assistant for, I always recommend looking at your strengths. Then think about your weaknesses and dislikes.

What tasks would you prefer not to handle?

Those weaknesses and dislikes are exactly what you should hire a virtual assistant for. Do what you love and outsource the rest!